All orders are processed and mailed by first class mail (special requests for other shipping methods can be made by contacting us).

PLEASE NOTE:  I love ham radio and like providing kits to you, but I also have a life, a wife, a farm, a part time job and I'm 70 years old.

Orders are usually mailed within two weeks and the USPS usually delivers in two to four days.  


If you have problems building or your kit is built, but not functioning properly, do not worry!   We will first help via email and/or phone and when needed you can send it to us for repair service.  The rate for service is $16.00 per hour.  Repair parts and return postage is free.  Most repairs are made in 1 hour. PLEASE contact us by email first and include your phone number.


Orders mailed first class to the U.S. only.

Unfortunately, we no longer ship overseas, due to postage costs and other restrictions.