Our Best Selling Regenerative Receiver Kit.


1. Tunes about 100 KHz in 40 meter band or anywhere between 5 to 8 MHz (approx).

2. Plenty of audio for earphones.

3. Functions as code practice oscillator... just connect a key.

4. Antenna attenuator prevents overloading.

5. Copies CW, SSB and AM

Option #1...Change jumper wire and key jack becomes input for mute and sidetone input.

Option #2...Add one resistor (included) and change tuning range to 25 KHz for more bandspread.

Amazing performance from a one evening kit. Perfect for the beginner to listen to code practice and use as a code practice oscillator (just add a key). For a real challenge, use with the Woodchip transmitter and our universal T/R switch.  W4FSV has worked several states and Europe with this arrangement.  

NOW JUST $24.95


Fun to build as my first kit and works well with my long wire antenna. - W4DMC

Amazing for a hand full of parts! - W2AFD

We had a really nice afternoon assembling this receiver.  I'm very impressed with the reception. -K4KRW

Be creative...choose your favorite color!

Woodchip Transmitter and Sawdust Receiver

The Sawdust Regen is an easy kit to build, test, and use.  It is appealing enough to show off your workmanship, and it works well enough to be impressive.- QST-December, 2017