Splinter II v.2

Classic QRPp Transmitter/Receiver now in version 2.


1. 40 meter D.C. Receiver and Xtal controlled Transmitter on a single 2 x 4 inch board.

2. 500-600 milliwatt output.

3. Built-in Key and external jack.

4. VXO. (5 to 7 KHz)

5. Sidetone.

6. Simple, effective T/R switch with mute.

7. Receiver R.F. attenuator.

8. Receiver covers about 100 KHz (adjustable).

9. Spot switch for zero beating.

This easy to build kit is in use all over the world!  Do not think that this simple low power Trans-Receiver  can't make QSOs.  W4FSV has worked 35 states and 19 countries with a good dipole antenna and a little patience! Best DX worked...11,028 miles per watt!

Add the Toothpick audio filter/ amplifier for even more amazing receive performance.



In about 3 hours of operation, I have worked 5 states using a simple dipole. -N4DR

Just finished my Splinter and made my first contact to Germany  (not a record, but it works fine).


I have tested the Splinter  first with RBN and it was heard in Massachusetts (I'm in Georgia).  But the real test was passed last Sunday when I had my first two QSO's!  One was WB9CTP (500 miles from me), the other called me right after the final "dit-dit" and it was NI0C (461 miles from me).  

WOW, it works! -AC4PA

The build went well. Went by the book. It works and no surprises. Best of all it was fun. Sit for my exam next Friday. Will complete my supporting kits and decide what to do about an antenna. Hope to be logging contacts as soon as my call shows up in the list. -Ron

Congratulations for the realization of this little gem (and for the others shown on your site) -IK8SQG

"Covic-19 gave me the perfect opportunity to do the build on it.  Didn’t have to rush on it and I now have a great performing little QRP rig.  It went together very easily and worked right off the bench!  Instructions were very easy to understand and follow.  If you can solder and read I believe you can have success building the wonderful little transceiver." - WD0CFH

Splinter II with Toothpick cw filter/amp and

Matchstick antenna tuner.

Except for the time you may choose to spend decorating the wooden base, this kit can be built in a couple of evenings.  When you are finished, you will have a perfectly usable QRP rig, attractive enough to show off at the  next club meeting. - QST - January, 2018