Timber...T/R switch


1. Use with most QRP RX and TX.

2. Battery on board or use station power.

3. Works with most old receivers and QRP transmiter combinations.

4. Can be mounted out of sight (behind / under a dest, etc.).

5. May be used with a foot switch for semi-QSK operation.

6. Provides open circuit or ground circuit receiver mute on transmit.

This T/R device makes using a separate receiver with a QRP transmitter mutch more effective than having to switch antenna and mute receiver when you go from transmit to receive. Also greatly reduces transmit RF to the receiver, protecting sensitive components.

The mute can open the receiver audio line or ground audio line (jumper selected).  

Bring a vintage receiver to new purpose with this device and a WOODCHIP transmitter (provides sidetone).

NOW JUST $24.95                              

You can work stations with a regen and a half watt...The secret is T/R switching with reeciver mute...Woodchip, Sawdust and Timber.