40 Meter CW transmitter


1. 40 meter QRP CW transmitter.

2. Crystal controlled with 3 position VXO.

3. Works with most simple and vintage receivers.

4. Clean 500-600 milliwatt signal meets FCC requirements.

5. Built in sidetone and T/R switch. (requires external T/R switch for best operation).

The Woodchip is an easy to build and fun to use 40 meter transmitter.  Puts out approx. half a watt...enough to work the world!  Perfect mate with our Sawdust regen receiver or other simple receivers and most vintige tube receivers as well!  Add our T/R switch for an efficient and effective QRPp station.

Includes a 7030 KHz crystal. Socket on board allows changing crystals for greater coverage.  The switch operated VXO allows the crystal frequency to be shifted about 1 KHz lower or 4 KHz you 3 frequencies per crystal.

NOW JUST $29.95

Making the first two contacts with the prototype Woodchip transmitter using a Sawdust Regen receiver and our QLF and  T / R switch.  TKS to K5EDM and NU2D.

Woodchip with Sawdust regen receiver